In-house training, through NVQ's, has benefited us by creating a highly experienced workforce who are efficient and precise in the fabrication of our products. We provide extensive training in MIG welding, drilling, countersinking and craneage facilities. All of our products go through extensive control measures to ensure a high quality of work is maintained. 

The fabrication part of the company complements the laser and press work so that a job can be completely created in-house from a customers design to a finished product. This allows us to have efficient manufacturing with reduced processing time to achieve the standard we expect. 

Four Dee also has its own Bandsaw and specially trained staff for any cutting required. A new Behringer Bandsaw was purchased in January 2019 to extend performance. It is the latest automatic mitre sawing machine with high cutting outputs, simple handling and precise angular cuts. It covers the wide-ranging requirements of the steel trade and the band guiding ensures precise cuts. It is made from vibration damping cast iron to create increased quality in cut surface. 


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