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Steel Fabricators

The driving innovation improving quality and efficiency

Robotic Welding

Working with individuals, small local businesses to large global companies, we have created all scales of fabrications for many different industries.


Removing all human error creates perfect welds every time.

Running independently increases productivity, reduced time and reduced consumables, we can offer lower prices for work that uses robotic welding. 


Robot 1

15m length flat welding capacity

up to 4.1m height

Robot 2

6.9m length capacity

3m width diameter capacity 

single axis manipulation

Robot 3 -

pending installation January 2024

Seam tracking and finding

Weld seam searching with wire and gascup torch sensing or arc eye CSS laser sensors greatly reduce search time and seam tracking with arc eye sensors throughout the welding process and accounts for any deviations in the seam creating a perfect finish in little time. 

ARP and DTPS software

The systems uses ARP software which has not reached the market yet. This automates a good amount of the programming which normally would take a large amount of time for new products. The systems also use DTPS Software which is an offline software allowing products to be programmed while the robots are running. 

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