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As we move forward with new innovations, we have invested in 2 Valk robotic welding systems.

Robotic Welding 

Consistent, High Quality 

Removes all human error from the job, creating perfect welds every time.

Greater Productivity

Can run consistently without breaks. We have installed 2 stations for loading/unloading to keep the machine running for maximum efficiency.

Reduced Waste/Less Rework

Increased precision and accuracy means less mistakes, less material used and fewer reworks.

Cost Advantages

With increased productivity, reduced time and reduced consumables, we can offer lower prices for work that uses robotic welding. 

Seam finding and tracking

Weld seam searching with wire and gascup torch sensing or arc eye CSS laser sensors greatly reduce search time and seam tracking with arc eye sensors throughout the welding process accounts for any deviations in the seam creating a perfect finish in little time. 

ARP and DTPS Software 

The systems uses ARP software which has not reached the market yet. This automates a good amount of the programming which normally would take a large amount of time for new products. The systems also use DTPS Software which is an offline software allowing products to be programmed while the robots are running. 

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15m length flat welding capacity 

Up to 4.1m height 

Suitable for high and low volume products

Robot 1

6.9m length welding capacity 

3m width diameter capacity

Single axis manipultion

Suitable for high and low volume products

Robot 2

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